When Aidan Become a Brother by Kyle Lukoff: A Book That Brings Great Lessons About Transgender Kiddos

It is heartwarming to see kids enjoy what they love and  who they want to become. Both boys and girls share similarities and differences and all of them are special. Some kids may feel that they are a different gender than the gender they were assigned at birth. This is known as being transgender.

When Aidan Become a Brother by Kyle Lukoff

Transgender people are those whose identity is different from the gender they were given at birth. Due to misunderstanding, judgment, and stigma, it can be challenging for transgender people to talk to others about their gender identity. It is even hard to have these conversations with family and loved ones. Children at a young age are no exception to this, and it takes courage to overcome fears of rejection about their new gender identity.

The Key Lessons To Seize With This Book About Transgender

Fortunately, some parents show loving support to their children have decided to take a new gender path. This never-ending kind of love from parents is present in the outstanding book by Kyle Lukoff entitled When Aidan Became a Brother. This book celebrates the main character’s changes from a girl to a transgender boy and becoming a big brother instead of a big sister. Here are the key lessons to learn with this book: 

Learning the importance of honesty and communication

With this heartwarming book, children will learn the importance of honesty and communication. Understandably, telling parents what they feel inside may be difficult. But opening up with their family can help them overcome the struggles they are facing. After all, your family will always be your go-to person when it comes to difficulties. If their immediate family is not supportive of their gender identity, it is important for a transgender youth to find a trusting person in whom they can confide.

Loving yourself completely for who you really are

Some children may feel very different from other kids because they are transgender. But this book will help them see that loving themselves completely for who they truly are, is the best thing to accomplish. Of course, every kid wants to be loved and accepted by the people close to them. But learning to love themselves first will help them show love to others and choose friends and chosen family who love them for who they are.

The magic of appreciation and acceptance from the family

There’s nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than appreciation and acceptance from your family. Many transgender people desire family acceptance, and unfortunately, not all transgender people receive it. When transgender folks of any age feel appreciated, expressing more of themselves would be easy. With this book, children and even adults can learn how acceptance from one’s family gives magic to everything. 

Since everyone encounters different problems in life, reading a book with your children allows you and them to learn the best lessons in one place. Not only do they get to spend time with you, but you are all learning life lessons that you can share with others. Some children keep their struggles to themselves and learning to discuss everything together will help ease their worries. To start your new bonding today, get a copy of this book! Make the most out of your quality time with its lessons and value. 

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More About The Author

Kyle Lukoff is the author of the Stonewall-award winning picture book “When Aidan Became A Brother,” by Kaylani Juanita. His debut was “A Storytelling of Ravens,” illustrated by Natalie Nelson, which came out in 2018.

Kyle was born outside of Chicago, Illinois in 1984, and moved to Lynnwood, Washington in 1989. He moved to New York City in 2002 to attend Barnard College and became the librarian at the Corlears School in 2012. After eight years of school librarianship, he transitioned to writing full-time.

Kyle served two terms on the Stonewall Book Awards committee and was a 2020 Kirkus Prize judge. He transitioned in 2007, and much of his professional work revolves around transgender representation in books for youth.


Everyone thought Aidan was a girl when he was born, but Aidan knows that “he was really another kind of boy.” #OwnVoices author Lukoff writes with sensitivity and candor as Aidan takes his first steps toward claiming his identity. Juanita illustrates with fine ink outlines and loose patterns, filling Aidan’s revamped bedroom with cozy fabrics, and populating a family baby shower with balloons that spell out an inclusive, triumphant sign: “it’s a baby.” The creators’ exploration of one transgender child’s experience emphasizes the importance of learning “how to love someone for exactly who they are.” –Starred review, Publishers Weekly

A trans man himself, Lukoff writes with authority and a loving spirit. Juanita’s cheerful digital illustrations are a nicely harmonious match with the text, expanding it in meaningful ways. Together, the text and pictures create a heartfelt celebration of love that will be an ideal selection for trans children and for any who are expecting a new sibling. –Starred review, Booklist

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