Lovely: An Ultimate Diverse-Friendly Book for Young Readers

Teaching your children the importance of loving who they truly are is one of the powerful life learnings. The world can be a tough place, and anything you can do to nurture your child’s self-esteem should be done, whether it be through conversations or reading a lovely book. This way, your children can be proud of themselves despite the differences they have from others. When self-love flourishes, a child is strong enough to live the life they desire without worrying about what other people say.

Moreover, as parents, you are responsible for loving them unconditionally and letting them feel that they are the most precious human ever.  It takes time and continual effort but it’s one of the most important things you can do. Luckily, there are countless children’s books available that talk about inclusion, diversity, and self-love. One of these books is written by the very talented author Jess Hong and  entitled “Lovely.”

Lovely by Jess Hong

Find Out Why “Lovely” is a Must-Have Children’s Book

Despite the spread of technological advancement where everything can be Googled in an instant, traditional books still play a vital role in children’s learning. Children’s books that focus on embracing diversity can really change how children see the world. And that’s what Jess Hong aims to achieve with her lovely book. She reminds every young reader that all people are lovely in their own way.

Check out the following reasons why you need to buy this book for your lovely kids:

Simple yet poignant story flow

With its brilliant story about a little girl with two different eye colors, a child who wears braces, a person in a wheelchair, someone wearing a prosthetic leg, and more, your kids will surely learn that it is okay to be different. Not only does it give young readers reason to love themselves but it also instills hope that someday this cruel world will turn into a place full of love and respect. 

Unique and colorful illustrations

Aside from its amazing words about self-love and respect, you’ll love the unique and colorful illustrations that make it extra exciting and fun to read. It comes with eye-catching colors rather than merely pastel and neutral ones. This beautiful book can be a great gift for your little ones who love vivid illustrations.

Inclusive and diverse-friendly

Of course, one of the ultimate reasons to purchase this book is that it speaks loudly about inclusion and diversity. This will help your little ones to learn how much a little act of kindness and respect can mean to someone. This book is recommended for your child ages 3-7.

If you let your children discover the essence of loving themselves, you also help them build strong self-esteem, which leads to a healthy sense of self. So if you want to learn more about books that empower inclusion, diversity, and self-love, make sure to visit our website at  Cosmic Unicorns and follow our social media accounts for more updates!

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More About the Author

Jess Hong is an illustrator and author based in Oakland, CA. Lovely is her debut children’s book that promotes diversity, inclusion, and the simple message that we are all lovely. She studied and received a BFA in illustration at the Academy of Art. She is fond of cats, noodles, and fine cheeses.

Jess Hong


MORE ABOUT this fantastic  book entitled “Lovely” by Jess Hong:

A celebration of diversity – in all its shapes and sizes! Big, small, curly, straight, loud, quiet, smooth, wrinkly – we are all LOVELY! Colorful, bold illustrations and simple text. This is a great book to build classroom community! ― Reading Power Gear

Out of the dozen books in my review pile, my youngest daughter returned to Jess Hong’s book Lovely several times over. It might be Hong’s cheerful and quirky cartoonish illustrations, showing a diversity of people not only with different skin tones but with a range of features: a “sharp” punk rock granny in a spiky jean jacket, for example, or a child with one blue and one brown eye. She liked the hands spelling out “lovely” in American Sign Language, each wearing a ring that also shows its corresponding written letter. Bodies with tattoos, freckles, a pair of braces, fluffy hair and straight, hairy legs in heels – all of these, accompanied by a reassuring label of “lovely.” I think that she also liked the book’s simple message: “lovely is different, weird, and wonderful.” — Tamiko Nimura ― International Examiner

Lovely by Jess Hong is well…lovely! The book asks “What is lovely?” and the illustrations that follow answer that with a diverse group of opposites that are all accepted as lovely. It celebrates being different and more importantly accepting different as lovely. The illustrations are the backbone of this book, and they do a fantastic job at including many of the fabulous differences in the world. — Picture Books that Promote Diversity ― No Time For Flashcards

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