Let Freedom Sing: A Harmonious Book About Racism Every Parent Must Read to Their Children

Let Freedom Sing: A Harmonious Book About Racism. Teaching children honesty and ethics from a young age is the best way to instill moral standards that can guide them through life. However, we live in a complex world which makes teaching morals challenging, but nonetheless worthwhile. The topic of human rights sings through the pages of Let Freedom Ring by the author and illustrator Vanessa Newton. The book depicts various social justice movements and historical events interspersed with the lyrics of This Little Light of Mine. Newton embarked on a mission to inspire young minds and teach them lessons to pass on from generation to generation.

Let Freedom Sing by Vanessa Newton

Despite the passage of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, many social injustices still exist today. Our children are the future and we must teach them to treat all persons equally. These are topics that Vanessa Newton has skillfully put onto paper for both young readers and parents to learn.

Why Your Kids Have to Read “Let Freedom Sing”

As parents, we must guide our children to avoid our past mistakes, correct injustices, and protect human rights. But for children, these stories may only be tales that will end up more unsettling when they grow up. Fairytales and other fiction books have been the favorites for bedtime stories because whether they comfort or frighten, they are only stories. Vanesa Newton has taken a different path and chosen to deliver a compelling and true story that every child must learn.

Here’s Why This Book is of High of Value for Children:
  • It teaches the reality of racism

The events depicted in the book range from the real-life stories that sparked the Civil Rights Movement to the present accomplishments of the African-American community. These are factual events that children must know existed. 

  • It shows where we have gone and where we should go.

Many social issues still exist today, from racism to sexism and ageism.  These are facts that children must know about in order to combat racism.

  • It has a vibe that children can follow.

All of the book’s pages have words that resonate with the lyrics from the well-known children’s song”This Little Light of Mine.” Kids love to hear the rhyme, and it is easy for them to understand the ideas in this way.

  • Child-friendly illustrations

The book’s  illustrations echo the old cartoons of the 1960’s and will spark the imagination of your child. Racism may be a sensitive topic, but Newton’s bright imagery gives light to a painful issue, allowing for the possibility of a hopeful resolution.

Freedom hasn’t always been granted to communities affected by racism. However, teaching children about our past leads to possibilities of healing. Regardless of race, gender, or religion, every person has their own inner fire, and we must let their light shine.

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More About the Author

MORE ABOUT the critically acclaimed Let Freedom Sing from on of the best-selling children author of this generation:

VANESSA NEWTON was a little girl of only three when she found a box of crayons and wished to be an artist. She used many surfaces as canvases, such as white walls and the sides of the kitchen stove. At school, Vanessa met a teacher/artist who encouraged her and now she is living her dream. She is largely self-taught, though she has attended art school in New York. She lives in East Orange, New Jersey with her husband, their seven-year-old daughter, and a fat cat named Kirby.

Vanessa Newton

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