It’s Okay To Be Different by Todd Parr: A Guiding Book For Children To Accept and Love Themselves

Every person is born with their own characteristics, appearances, religion, beliefs, and personalities. These differences are noticeable and make everyone unique from one another. However, in some cases, these distinctions can cause divisions between people, countries, and cultures. Seeing other people that are different from them can sometimes cause confusion and uncertainty. To help children understand life’s beautiful diversity, it is vital to teach them how to see the goodness and purpose in differences.

Unfortunately, some young kids struggle to express their feelings and share problems, fearing rejection and invalidation. To prevent this, parents can help young children in developing their emotional expression. As children start to ask questions, parents should listen non-judgmentally, explain, and help kids understand that their differences make them unique in their own way. It is important to let children feel that it is okay to have a problem, be different, and talk about their feelings. Todd Parr’s book It’s Okay To Be Different teaches this very concept in an adorable and heart-warming way.

The book discusses differences, the importance of acceptance, understanding, and confidence. It’s pictures and concepts open a gateway for kids to learn to speak about their problems and feelings.

The Best Gains About Diversity From The Book – It’s Okay To Be Different

Teaching kids today about diversity is a vital step in helping them to develop kindness for other people. It’s Okay To Be Different is a great stepping stone to inspire kids to celebrate themselves with acceptance and confidence. Find out the benefits of reading this book for both adults and children below:

Kids will learn to understand the meaning of diversity. 

Through this book, kids will learn to see our diverse world through new eyes. They will also become familiar with the words similar and different, and understand how to show kindness to other people.

Kids will learn to discuss their feelings and problems.

Just like adults, kids also experience different problems that parents may not realize. Seeing how the characters in the book express their feelings and difficulties can also encourage kids to do the same. 

Kids will learn to accept themselves and other people. 

Being different sometimes discourages children from expressing themselves. By learning how to accept and understand themselves children will start to appreciate their individuality and that of others. Todd Parr’s humorous story helps kids develop more self-confidence to fully express their feelings and do what they love to do. 

Rith the proper guidance, help, and support from parents, kids can grow and develop their personalities. With love and understanding, children can become kind, confident, loving, and caring for themselves and others. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing kids grow into the best versions of themselves that they can be. Join your kids in developing their literacy, emotional feelings, and self-esteem, and celebrate diversity by checking out this book today!

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More About The Author

Todd Parr has inspired and empowered children around the world with his bold images and positive messages. He is the bestselling author of more than forty books, including Be Who You Are, The Goodbye Book, The Family Book, The I Love You Book, and It’s Okay to be Different. He lives in Berkeley, California.


“Reading this book aloud to little ones, and discussing the pictures and concepts is a great way to start kids on a lifetime of openly discussing feelings and problems. This book has wonderful, feel-good, positive messages of acceptance and confidence that promote understanding and are fun to read for kids and the adults who love them.”

“The book unites the concept of tolerance of differences with simple images for easy understanding and comprehension. It’s Okay to be Different encourages readers to accept themselves and others.”―Children’s Literature

“[Parr] wisely doesn’t zero in on specifics, which would force him to establish what’s ‘normal.’ Instead, he focuses on acceptance and individuality and encourages readers to do the same.”―Publisher’s Weekly

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