How it Works


Cosmic Unicorns personalized children’s books puts YOUR favorite little unicorn as the hero of the story!

Customize your character

  • Enter your child’s name
  • Select their skin tone
  • Select their hairstyle
  • Select their eye color
  • Freckles?
  • Glasses?

Cosmic Unicorn stories all embody the joy of fun and adventure while weaving positive and empowering messages throughout. Stories include teaching young people how to make tough decisions, the beauty of imagination, being the artist in your own life and being kind and inclusive.

Select your stories

  • Select 10 of your favorite mini-stories
  • Some of the stories include riding a unicorn or a dragon, playing with friends at the playground, going to space, playing basketball, a bedtime routine, riding a rainbow slide, picking flowers, playing music, going on an adventure on a big ship, riding an airship, and so many more!
  • Add a personalized message dedication
  • Upload a photo of your little unicorn
  • Your book will generate with your child’s name, customized character, your personal message, and your child’s photo. You’ll see the final print image generated so you can proof it immediately! Once you review the magic that is your Cosmic Unicorn book you can approve it and it will be sent to print! You’ll receive your book delivered to your house within 2 weeks.