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What is a personalized book?

A personalized book puts YOUR favorite unicorn as the star of the story. You enter the child’s name and then select their skin tone, hair style, eye color, whether they have freckles, or wear glasses or use a wheelchair (even more customization options in progress). Then you select 10 of their favorite interests or your favorite short stories and a totally custom personalized book is created for you! You proof the book right away, approve it and it’s sent to the cosmic print house. Just like magic, within 2 weeks your book arrives at your doorstep.

How do I proof the book after making my customization selections?

After you customize your character, select your stories, add a personal dedication, and upload a photo, the cosmic magic that is digital technology creates a proof within a few seconds. You’ll be able to turn page by page and review everything before approving.

What ages are Cosmic Unicorns children’s books intended for?

Cosmic Unicorn books are written with children ages 3-10 in mind, but if you’re a goofy adult like us, we’d love a custom book for our inner child, so I guess you gotta know your audience.

Can I also add a personal message or dedication?

Yes! The last page is reserved for a special message to your intended gift recipient and you can upload your favorite picture to go along with it.

How fast will I receive the package?

After completing your order, proofing and approving and successfully paying, you can expect your book to magically appear on your doorstep!


We are currently in SOFT LAUNCH ONLY.

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