Everyone Gets a Say by Jill Wiss: A Great Introduction To Voting for Children

An important way to participate in your community and local and national government is to vote. Voting is an essential way to make sure that your voice is heard on issues that matter to you and your community.  As a result, it is important for children to understand that the freedom to choose leaders and vote is essential. One day, your children will be voting and determining the direction of the country.  In the book, Everyone Gets A Say by Jill Twiss, children are introduced to the voting process and its importance.

Everyone Gets a Say by Jill Wiss

In the story, different animals and insects cannot seem to agree on anything. Everyone has different desires, and if two of them agree on one thing, the others do not agree. So when one of them proposes they need a leader, the forest friends try to determine the best way to select someone to take charge. They talk about the characteristics the best leader should have. Notably, the animals in the story are speaking out their voices, and everyone gets a say. It’s an enjoyable, simple story that teaches children to understand the nature of voting and elections. 

Values of Introducing Voting To Children With This Book

Elections happen everywhere, and everyone makes decisions that can either result in positive or negative effects. Here are the values of introducing voting children with the book Everyone Gets a Say

  1. Understanding How Voting Works

The book explains the process of choosing someone to lead a group. Elected leaders have an impact on the life of every child. They make decisions from small to broader issues that can affect everyone. By reading this book, children can have a glimpse of how to choose the right leader even in a small group. 

  1. Learning that Everyone Gets A Say

Through this book, children learn that leadership is not speaking with the loudest voice or ordering others to do your bidding. True leadership listens to the cares and concerns of everyone in order to make the best decisions for the group.  Everyone Gets A Say  is a wonderful way to teach children to discuss a topic and allow them to express how they feel about it. 

  1. Dealing With Disagreements

The author shows how the forest friends disagree and how they resolved their problems. This book can serve as a stepping stone for children to deal with disagreements. As a result of the differences in opinions shown in the story, children learn that everyone has their own perspective, and that voting can be a method to solve disputes.

No matter the disagreements, everyone gets a say. The future awaiting children might not be the same as ours, but it is their voices that will guide them to having a great one. In order to lead them towards an equitable future, read this wholesome book today. 

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More About the Author

Jill Twiss is the author of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, a New York Times #1 bestseller. She is also a comedy writer who has won multiple Emmys, WGA Awards, and Peabody Awards for her work as a staff writer on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. In her not-so-spare time, Jill writes sentences for the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN and is working on a musical about the women of the Seneca Falls Convention.

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