About Us

Cosmic Unicorns is an idea born from the awareness that there are so few affirming representations available via customized children’s books.
There are SO MANY populations that are underrepresented in the media. While we want more than anything to change the world, it does not happen overnight, so this is one area in which we believe we can enact change! As an author, artist, and a passionate social justice advocate, I gathered an amazing team of brilliant creatives, we put pencil to paper, and let the magic evolve.
Each mini-story begins as an idea and a primitive stick figure sketch. Then, we add a little digital magic and you get what you now see as our final product! We are growing and expanding as quickly as possible and WELCOME your ideas for expansion.
Cosmic Unicorn’s personalized children’s book recognizes your little unicorn for what makes them beautiful and unique! We offer customization options that are not confined to the binary. We are LGBTQ+ inclusive, foster and adoptive family positive, and racial justice focused.
We recognize that gender is on a spectrum and we provide a single androgynous child character. Rather than requiring you to select “male” or “female,” we provide the options to customize skin tone, hair style, glasses, freckles, and more. New customization options will be added regularly!
Our stories are built around inclusivity with a strong race and gender matters lens! We weave lessons around being an upstander to bullying, valuing diversity, exploring and adventure, learning how to make decisions, calm down when upset, and believing in our power to create our reality.
We believe in magic and beauty and hope you do too!

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    We are currently in SOFT LAUNCH ONLY.

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