Cosmic Unicorns

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  • Over a sea of land,
    Over rough rocks and fine sand -
    With the birds in the sky,
    soars so high!
    Above the infinite ocean,
    Life moves below in slow motion;
    We explore side by side,
    On adventures far and wide.
    We soar higher and higher,
    It’s so fun, we never tire!
    Watch us flip and dip -
    On our magical airship.
    The squeak of the shoes,
    And the way that they move,
    And how the half-time music,
    Gets me into the groove.
    ’s really good at this,
    ’s swift, swoops,
    steals the ball,
    And just loves to shoot some hoops!
    Move, , bounce, ,
    Go on and fake a fall,
    Here it is, it’s your chance,
    To slam dunk the ball!
    prepares for bed,
    With a simple routine,
    First pajamas, then their teeth,
    Brushing till they’re super clean!
    Next is ’s favorite part,
    It’s time to listen and to look,
    At all the pretty pictures,
    In their storybook.
    Then it’s good to think of all,
    The things we’re grateful for,
    Our family and our friends,
    And so, so much more!
    crawls into bed,
    Big hugs and kisses goodnight!
    It’s time to slow our breathing,
    And close our eyes up tight.
    Flames flicker in the air,
    We’re mesmerized by the fire,
    We love spending time with ,
    A child we so admire.
    Toasting sweet marshmallows,
    A cool breeze tickles our face,
    Laughter is so contagious,
    At our favorite place!
    We tell funny stories,
    And sing ridiculous songs,
    Laughter is so healing,
    Come on, sing along!
    Superheroes are strong,
    Superheroes are clever,
    Superheros make a difference,
    Without thinking twice, ever.
    Sometimes wonders,
    Could I be a superhero too?
    But I’ll have to ask my friends,
    What superheroes actually do.
    It turns out superheroes,
    Are always out and about,
    Racing off to lend a hand,
    Their main job is to help out.
    When there’s a tough decision,
    And doesn’t know which way to go,
    is smart and takes a deep breath,
    Then lets it out real slow.
    We all have an inner compass,
    Which guides our wrong from right,
    It tells us which way to go,
    It’s like a guiding light.
    But we must find some quiet,
    We must get really still,
    To hear the voice that knows inside -
    It’s our secret skill.
    There are distractions and inner chatter,
    We must fight and trust our heart,
    Our intuition can guide us,
    Right from the very start.
    With fiery courage and
    Long graceful wings,
    Dragons are wise,
    With the knowledge they bring.
    loves dragons because
    They believe in what’s right,
    They lead with their hearts,
    As they take off in flight.
    Early in the morning,
    before the sun comes up,
    I travel to my fishing boat,
    With some worms in my cup.
    In the middle of the lake,
    I cast my line with bait,
    Then take in a deep breath of air,
    Watch the view and wait.
    I watch the bugs skate across,
    The surface of the water,
    I enjoy the twinkly ripples made
    By the jiggle of the bobber.
    I love being still in nature,
    I don’t need to catch a fish,
    It’s just like meditation,
    I’ll close my eyes and make a wish.
    When I’m under the sea,
    I feel so, so free.
    I’m free to just BE,
    I’m free to be ME!
    is a mermaid,
    With a sparkly tail,
    Beautiful and strong,
    The opposite of frail.
    swims between,
    Schools of jellyfish,
    Then takes a moment to,
    Make a special wish.
    A wish for a world,
    Filled with peace and love,
    To bring this peace from,
    The sea to up above!
    Through different types of music,
    and their friends come alive,
    All the cells in their bodies,
    Connect through dance and thrive!
    Music creates a space to be safe,
    To express a different feeling,
    Happy, sad, excited or mad,
    We can relate, and it’s so healing.
    Through music and their friends,
    Are present in the moment now,
    Grooving their bodies and their souls,
    The rhythm of the music shows them how!
    Colors drip, slip, blip,
    Slop, plop, blop
    is careful
    not to drop...
    Paint drips, slips, blips
    Moves like the tides,
    Guides, slides, colides...
    Life can be challenging,
    And sometimes we may want more,
    But there are so many things,
    We can be grateful for.
    Like the clouds and the wind,
    Or blue, sunny skies,
    Beauty is everywhere,
    When we focus our eyes.
    , look over here!
    Flowers of red, blue, pink and yellow,
    They open just for you each day,
    As if to say hello!
    hops in the saucer -
    Spins round and round,
    With friends and feeling free,
    loves the playground!
    We’re kind while we play,
    But if somebody is mean,
    We tell them politely to stop,
    We won’t make a big scene,
    The park is our safe place,
    We laugh, we sing and we play.
    All our friends are so nice,
    We could stay here all day!
    Come, let’s take a ride,
    On a magical rainbow slide,
    To a special place where,
    No one needs to hide.
    No matter who we love,
    Or our color, religion, or gender,
    We’re embraced for our beauty,
    We’re proud of our splendour.
    Through rain and through wind,
    Through rough and stormy seas,
    sails and searches,
    For new discoveries.
    Finding adventure,
    Is so much fun, let’s go!
    The joy is in the journey,
    When one goes with the flow.
    But if sometimes,
    Feels a bit unsure,
    It's time to take 3 deep breaths in -
    Breathe out and try once more.
    knows there's lessons,
    We can always discern,
    If we ask our higher self,
    What is it we’re meant to learn.
    Twinkle, twinkle, deep, dark sky,
    How loves being up so high!
    Looking down on Earth below,
    Planning all the places we'll go.
    I-Spy Earth! We’re oh so far,
    We’ll count the stars and visit Mars.
    Exploring in this expansive place,
    We’re oh so tiny from up in space!
    can match their breath,
    To the cricket’s song,
    It’s peaceful in the grass,
    Relaxing and humming along.
    Stars start to pop out,
    counts them - one, two, three,
    But there’s so, so many more,
    How many can you see?
    A unicorn soaks up energy,
    From the tip of their horn,
    And their love grows bigger,
    Every time a baby is born!
    A baby unicorn is called,
    A ‘sparkle’ did you know?
    Their horns are called ‘alicorns’,
    And at night time, watch them glow!
    ‘Be loving and kind’, they warn,
    Ask others how they are,
    With love and kindness,
    In life you will go far!
    There’s so many ways,
    That people get around,
    Wheels on the pavement is,
    ’s favorite sound.
    Bikes, roller skates, scooters,
    Trikes, skateboards, cars,
    And some people use wheelchairs,
    That also takes them far.
    Getting about outside,
    Makes for an excellent day,
    Always include others and,
    Invite everyone to play!

    Please select 10 stories you wish to include in your book.

    Picking Flowers
    We are SO EXCITED for the launch of Cosmic Unicorn’s Personalized Children’s Books! We anticipate our unicorns will be ready to ship your book by mid-June. We’ll send you an email as soon as your book is ready to ship!

    Why Cosmic Unicorns

    Cosmic Unicorns exist because families of all diverse make-ups deserve representation and inclusion.

    Did you know that a study by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center found there were more children’s books featuring animals and other non-human characters than all types of visible minorities combined? Also, half of all the children’s books featured white children. This study did not cover religion, ability, or gender-variance (but, from experience, there are VERY few children books that honor gender creativity or provide representation for disabilities. And most books feature boys as the lead. Cosmic Unicorns believes in celebrating what makes each of us unique. Our books encourage imagination, acceptance, and creativity while bathed in a personal growth and mindfulness framework.

    The core messages within Cosmic Unicorn’s books include:

    • Mindfulness
    • Integrity
    • Authenticity
    • Acceptance
    • Love
    • Thoughtfulness
    • Empathy
    • Adventure
    • Spontaneity
    • Imagination
    • Introspection

    Throughout our books, we use gender-neutral language and play clothing or character-themed outfits such as a mermaid, superhero, or pirate. Every child is different and this should be celebrated!

    One of our primary goals is to keep adding as many inclusive customization options as possible because ALL CHILDREN deserve to see themselves represented in storybooks.

    Every little unicorn is special!

    What Makes Cosmic Unicorns So Awesome?

    Stories Teach Important Values

    Stories include positive messages and values such as gratitude, kindness, cultivating a sense of adventure, and how to calm down.

    Shipping Across US

    Each cosmically awesome custom book ships to you anywhere across the US.

    Fast and Secure

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    Messages are Affirming and Value Diversity

    Rather than forcing you to select a gender, our characters are customized to best match the likeness of your favorite little unicorn!

    Perfect Gift Idea

    Customize the character to look like your loved one and they become the STAR of the book! Excellent gift idea for birthdays, holidays, or just for fun!

    Each Books is Unique

    To create your custom adventure, select 10 mini stories in the order you'd like. Create endless variations by selecting different stories each time!